New Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to be discussed at the Annual General Membership Meeting

We will be discussing and voting on new Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws at the upcoming Annual General Membership Meeting to be held October 3, 2021.

Reasons for change – to conform with State of Alaska Corporations standards as well as more formal standards for non-profits.

Articles of Incorporation – Most of the current Articles of Incorporation were not mandated by State of Alaska Corporations guidelines, so the majority of the existing Articles migrated over to the new Bylaws. The new Articles of Incorporation are very streamlined.

Bylaws – This includes not only the material migrated from the existing Articles, but is hugely expanded to specifically spell out certain legal obligations for non-profit entities, as well as defining terms and cleaning up the formatting. These are the major changes:

1.     EVFD, Inc is the membership of the incorporation, while EVFD are the volunteers within the station

2.     Board meetings and annual meetings were split up and defined separately

3.     Board of Directors

a.     Financial oversight added as a main duty

b.     Board member eligibility restricted to Ester

4.     Added an officers section, and their duties

Current Articles of Incorporation
Proposed Changes to Articles of Incorporation

Current Bylaws
Proposed Changes to Bylaws

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